Crow's Point

A Surprising Twist
Session 26

Tharg ascends the jarl’s throne and sits down comfortably with a satisfied grin, surveying the room. The party leaves him to his revelry, and interrogates the one surviving frost giant about the Star of Illithor. The giant says he does not recognize such an item, and the party asks where Jarl Haddicus’s treasure vault is. The giant offers to show the party, retrieving a key from around Haddicus’s neck. The group proceeds down a short hallway behind the throne, reaching an intersection. To the right the party can see a large, decorated bed chamber, but the giant leads the party to the left, where a huge stone door awaits. Using the key, the giant opens the vault to reveal a large square room that is virtually empty. The icy floor is mostly barren, with only a small pile of items in one corner of the room.

The giant says, “Here, here is remains of jarl’s treasure horde – nothing! Look upon work of fire giants. Horde plundered and locked away in flaming mountain, unreachable by our kind. It shall never see day’s light again.”

King of the Castle
Session 25

The party presses on and finds the ice castle of the frost giants. The castle is carved of pure ice, and stands on a snow-covered rocky promontory. Cliffs fall away on all sides except for the still, white path leading up to the castle’s gates. There are no frost giants in the courtyard outside, so the party approaches the entrance, leaving Onjon behind to hide as best he can under a rocky outcropping. Barlongren flies over the wall in crow form and opens the gates from the other side to let the party in.

Hill Giant Justice
Session 24

Sheltered from the freezing winds, the party makes camp under a rocky outcropping high up in the snow covered mountains. The party informs Onjon that they’ve settled on a name for their group, ‘Destinies Five’ (the fifth member being Tortette of course). Onjon tells the party he may have to revise the epic song he’s been crafting, as he’s currently been using ‘Heroes of Destiny’. Nonetheless, Onjon offers to share what he has so far:

Come gather round and hear the tale of the Heroes of Destiny
Fighters for freedom they brought an end to Lord Markum’s tyranny
They braved the dark of the Ben Duragh and pierced the heart of a dream

Cat Slayer
Session 23

The party battles the greater rakshasa Kalitaxis, a lesser rakshasa, Malek Tal, Kalo, and a crazed barbarian warrior. Swashy somehow misses her backstab attack on Kalitaxis, and the rakshasa takes full advantage of the opening, unleashing a torrent of magical power. A lightning bolt sizzles into the rogue, while the barbarian warrior hacks into Myx with his axe. Both Swashy and Myx are instantly near death.

Barlongren rushes Malek Tal in a rage and avoids the brunt of the rakshasa’s spells. The barbarian has gained in skill and strength, and clearly outmatches Tal now. He tears into his former master with reckless abandon, and Malek Tal quickly flees the battle, rushing down a set of stairs in the back of the room. Barlongren pursues and finds a short row of cells at the dead end of a hall. Another crazed barbarian warrior stands guard in front of the cells, and Malek Tal commands him to fight Barlongren as the tribe leader nervously backs away.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?
Session 22

Barlongren uses the Eyes of Gam’Sheth to shift into the form of a black crow and flies into the barbarian camp to investigate. Despite their earlier encounter with a band of orcs claiming to be the Band of the Red Fang, this encampment appears to be mostly populated by humans, though there are a few orcs and goblins roaming amongst the tribes. The barbarian can quickly tell that most of the barbarian warriors have clearly partaken in Ravik’mort. Not only are most of the warriors inhumanly swollen with muscles, but Barlongren can see that the pupils of their eyes are cloudy and misshapen in some unnatural way.

The women and children of the camp quickly scurry out of the way whenever the crazed warriors walk by. Everyone who hasn’t partaken of Ravik’mort appears to be very tense and on edge. They don’t show any banners or symbols, but Barlongren recognizes the members of a variety of other tribes besides his own in the encampment. The camp also includes a guarded pen for human slaves or prisoners, though unfortunately Barlongren does not see Neesa held there. In crow form, the barbarian flies into the temple of Gam Ysran itself. He encounters a medicine man and medicine woman and, using the Eyes of Gam’Sheth’s True Seeing ability, realizes they are rakshasa in magical disguises.

Just Rewards
Session 21

Myx studies the other summoning circle on the floor of the library, which Tirinil apparently used to summon the rest of the demons that he let loose in the city. She discovers the circle was constructed with a key symbol, an arcane shortcut often used by inept, power-hungry magic-users like Tirinil. The party inscribes this symbol on each of their bodies, and is thus completely protected from the attacks of the demons Tirinil has summoned through the circle.

Barlongren ventures out of the keep to find other survivors in the city, pausing to chop down a few demons he encounters along the way. Even a slaad’s croak does not affect him, now that he has inscribed the key symbol on his body. He finds another keep in the city where most of the remaining human prisoners are being held by the demons. He dispenses of a few demonic guards, who are unable to injure him, and shows the surviving prisoners the protective symbol for them to paint onto their bodies.

Straight to the Source
Session 20

The next day, the party heads several hours east of Lowerton to traverse up the Great Ridge. Cham casts a Solipsism spell, and the party is a little more faithful this time. Between the spell and the Boots of Levitation, the party doesn’t need to use either of the Potions of Levitation Lady Salinda gave them. They head back towards Gatetown and wait ‘til nightfall. They decide to avoid the main gates this time and attempt to enter through the river gate.

The party floats down the White River, and Swashy uses her Ring of the Ram to smash open a hole at the base of the portcullis extending down into the water. Unfortunately, this is the last of the ring’s charges. The party quietly takes care of a couple of spinagons guarding the other side of the gate, and continues to swim down the river as it winds through the city. They duck under a bridge to avoid a roving patrol of dretches accompanied by a slaad. Once they eventually get out of the water, Cham puts his plate armor back on. The priest then casts a Silence spell so he can run through the city without drawing attention to the group.

When Demons Attack
Session 19

The party meets the self-appointed leaders who have stepped forward to try to guide Lowerton through this crisis and to hopefully take back Gatetown – Huurtred, former Master-at-Arms for Gatetown; Gavinon, Priest of the temple of Pelor in Lowerton; and Lady Salinda, a minor noble who owns some lands around Lowerton and a keep in Gatetown. They discuss defensive plans for the town, and whether everyone should just leave, but Huurtred insists they stay and fight. With civil war breaking out in the Southern Kingdom, there’s not really anywhere nearby that would be certain to be safe from bloodshed. The party mentions the name Zarastra that they heard, and Gavinon recalls hearing it before. The priest of Pelor studies some tomes from his temple library later and discovers that Zarastra is a Marilith – a truly terrifyingly powerful demon that is far beyond the party’s wildest dreams of facing in combat.

Session 18

With Brother Gondith killed, the survivors in the temple of Heironeous turn to the party for guidance, as most of them have witnessed some of the party’s impressive magical, and physical, abilities. The leader of the small group of city guards, Raxthis, defers to the party as well, as he knows the small group of guards has no hope of fighting back the demons without the party’s help. Cham casts a Divination spell to commune with Pharsma for guidance, asking “What is the best way to save the human residents of Gatetown?” The god’s deflating answer resounds in the chambers of Cham’s mind, “Evil gathers around you now, nowhere in the city is safe.”

The party debates their options. Swashy suggests that in a decimated city filled to the brim with bloodthirsty demons, all of the party’s options end up with them dead. The group doesn’t give up hope, though, and they decide the best plan is to simply make a run for it to try to get the large pack of survivors they have out of the city. The main gates of the city are pretty far away from the temple of Heironeous, so they decide the best plan is to head to the nearby Gala’s Lift and attempt to travel down the Great Ridge to Lowerton below. The party can then regroup and figure out how to get back up the ridge and into the city to take care of Tirinil… and somehow, hopefully, the army of summoned demons.

The Holy and the Lowly
Session 17

Still standing in the doorway of a ransacked, abandoned building, Cham and Swashy can hear the cries of numerous other demons echo throughout the city of Gatetown, and they realize their time is likely short before an overwhelming supply of reinforcements arrive. Cham takes a moment to bestow some of Pharsma’s healing magic on himself and his invisible companion, then the two head through the building, looking for a back entrance. They find one, but duck back inside when they see a group of demons making their way around the building.

After the demons pass, Cham and Swashy creep out onto the darkened street. They are surprised to spot a small group of three survivors, who motion the adventurers to follow them. They huddle with the strangers in another dark, abandoned building and introduce themselves. The group is surprised, but impressed, when the invisible Swashy speaks up.


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