Crow's Point

Trapped in the Dark
Session 2

The party’s journey up into the foothills surrounding Crow’s Point is relatively uneventful. They pass the time listening to Craggers’ never-ending chatter, and are especially entertained when Cham asks Craggers to give the party advice on how to pick-pocket. The (lovably) dim-witted rogue’s display of his patented “one hand up high with the other down low” technique is a valuable lesson that no one in the party will soon forget.

After a couple of days, the party arrives at a large willow tree by a small creek, and Craggers halts the party to tell them that the rebels’ hideout is in a cave just up the hill from their current location. Swashy agrees to scout things out and sneaks up to the mouth of the cave. She peers inside to see a hulking ogre walking towards the cave entrance. The swashbuckler notices a chain around one of its ankles before quickly bolting back down the hillside.

Relaying her discovery to the group, Craggers nods and says, “Oh yeah, that’s the ogre they captured to guard the cave.”

Session 1

The party, Myx, Cham, Barlongren, and Swashy, takes a contract from the merchant, Tartus, in the town of Crow’s Point to deliver some silk to a clan of duergar (some naïve townsfolk call them “evil dwarves”, but the party prefers “morally questionable dwarves”) living in caves in the nearby mountains. The deal is successfully completed, but winter snows trap the party up in the mountains. They spend the winter in a cave and get to know each other, and surprisingly don’t get on each others’ nerves too much. They seem to have a diverse but complimentary set of skills that helps keep them alive in the wilderness during the harsh winter:

  • Myx – Elven Mage
  • Cham – Human Cleric of Pharsma, God of Death
  • Barlongren – Human Barbarian (Ravager)
  • Swashy – Human Thief (Swashbuckler)

With spring, the snows clear and the party is finally able to head back to Crow’s Point.


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