Crow's Point

Session 1

The party, Myx, Cham, Barlongren, and Swashy, takes a contract from the merchant, Tartus, in the town of Crow’s Point to deliver some silk to a clan of duergar (some naïve townsfolk call them “evil dwarves”, but the party prefers “morally questionable dwarves”) living in caves in the nearby mountains. The deal is successfully completed, but winter snows trap the party up in the mountains. They spend the winter in a cave and get to know each other, and surprisingly don’t get on each others’ nerves too much. They seem to have a diverse but complimentary set of skills that helps keep them alive in the wilderness during the harsh winter:

  • Myx – Elven Mage
  • Cham – Human Cleric of Pharsma, God of Death
  • Barlongren – Human Barbarian (Ravager)
  • Swashy – Human Thief (Swashbuckler)

With spring, the snows clear and the party is finally able to head back to Crow’s Point.

Trapped in the Dark
Session 2

The party’s journey up into the foothills surrounding Crow’s Point is relatively uneventful. They pass the time listening to Craggers’ never-ending chatter, and are especially entertained when Cham asks Craggers to give the party advice on how to pick-pocket. The (lovably) dim-witted rogue’s display of his patented “one hand up high with the other down low” technique is a valuable lesson that no one in the party will soon forget.

After a couple of days, the party arrives at a large willow tree by a small creek, and Craggers halts the party to tell them that the rebels’ hideout is in a cave just up the hill from their current location. Swashy agrees to scout things out and sneaks up to the mouth of the cave. She peers inside to see a hulking ogre walking towards the cave entrance. The swashbuckler notices a chain around one of its ankles before quickly bolting back down the hillside.

Relaying her discovery to the group, Craggers nods and says, “Oh yeah, that’s the ogre they captured to guard the cave.”

Quest, Quest, Quest!
Session 3

The party files out of the narrow shaft onto the spiderweb and begins making their way across. Out on the web, they can see the remnants of supports for a bridge that must have once spanned the chasm, though it clearly collapsed years ago. Only the spiderweb now remains to span the emptiness between the small shaft and the tunnel on the other side. The party gets about halfway across the web when a giant spider emerges from the tunnel ahead. The party engages the beast, but are surprised from behind when two shadows emerge from the shaft they came out of to join the battle. Suspended above a yawning black chasm, the party desperately tries to fight off the combatants on both sides.

Cham attempts to cast a Protection from Evil spell to make at least one of the party members impenetrable to the shadows’ touch, but one of the unnatural monsters strikes him as he is casting, disrupting the spell as it fades from Cham’s memory. Resorting to brute strength, Barlongren engages the shadows with his magical axe, the only weapon the party has that is capable of wounding the creatures. Thanks to Myx’s precision dagger throwing, the rest of the party is soon able to send the giant spider fleeing, but not before two baby giant spiders leap onto the web to take up the fight. While Barlongren holds the line against the shadows, Cham, Swashy, and Myx try to finish off the young spiders, but soon most of the party is close to death’s door from their accumulated wounds.

Break In
Session 4

The party awakens in the middle of the night to find Craggers in their room. He is attempting, unsuccessfully, to sneak out with the party’s large golden map of the ancient underground city of Kerzen. The party questions him to find out if he targeted the item for a reason, or if someone else put him up to it, but it seems that Craggers was only interested in it because it was a large sheet of pure gold. While debating what to do with the thief, Craggers suddenly leaps out the window of the room. The rogue lands awkwardly on the dirt-packed street below and then runs off with a shuffling limp.

Swashy heads down to breakfast and spies a wealthy mark enjoying breakfast alone. She approaches and offers to read the man’s fortune. While carefully inspecting the lines on his palm, she reaches under the table and relieves him of his belt pouch. She leaves him with some wise words about avoiding the door to go through the window, advice that Craggers must have recently received as well.

Break Out
Session 5

Barlongren’s aim is shockingly deadly as his throwing axe severs the head of the fleeing guard. He drags the body back into the stairwell leading down into the dungeons, but overhears a conversation in the main hall as he does so. A voice he doesn’t recognize says, “Sir, we found two bodies on a catwalk in the courtyard.” Barlongren then hears the voice of Captain Simorad reply, “Intruders in the castle. I told you to be honest with me, boy.”

The barbarian then grits his teeth in anger as he hears the voice of Chuck, the stable boy. “Please sir, I swear, I don’t know anything about intruders in the castle, honest! I told you everything I know!”

Things Change
Session 6


The party learns from Tartus that Lady Gwillivin was searching for an ancient druidic site in the Ben Duragh marked with the symbol of a series of dots shaped into the outline of a crescent moon. Apparently this site is an ancient “moongate”, which druids used to travel across far distances and sometimes to other planes of existence. During the night a wight with only one eye, which appears to be a blue amethyst gem, enters camp, attacks Swashy, and takes the blue amethyst the swashbuckler plucked from a skull in the underground city of Kerzen. Cham turns the creature, but before it flees into the night, it tells Swashy she is cursed and it will come for her again to take all of her possessions. The next day, the party heads into Crow’s Point, which they find eerily devoid of Heironeous guards. A steady rain has moved in, and the weather worsens throughout the day, turning into a powerful storm.

The party enters the temple in town in early evening. Upon seeing Father Orso, Brother Holden, the new head of the temple, summons a pack of four hell hounds to attack the party as he flees. After dispatching the creatures, the party finds Craggers pilfering the temple’s store room, and the thief informs the party that Lord Markum gave a speech from the walls of the keep earlier, though his demeanor seemed oddly “mechanical”. Markum stated that all able-bodied citizens are needed to save the town from a dire threat in the Ben Duragh by helping to search for an ancient druidic site marked with a certain symbol, which the party recognizes as the same crescent-moon shape that Lady Gwillivin was searching for. Markum also informed the town that his advisor, Quorith, would be leading the expedition to find this symbol. Using the temple’s consecrated altar, Father Orso successfully performs the ritual to transform Sir Gaib back into his human form.

Session 7


The party informs the old city guard of Sir Gaib’s return. The weather continues to worsen through the night, and a tornado ravages some of the countryside near the town. As dawn breaks, Brother Holden returns with a squad of Heironeous guards, but the party easily defeats the group. With a large group of loyal old city guards, Sir Gaib, and Father Orso, the party waits in the forest until they receive word that Quorith and most of the remaining Heironeous troops have headed out of town towards the Ben Duragh. The group enters the keep through the secret tunnel the party used before, and clears it of the few remaining Hieroneous guards. They also find an undead, animated Lord Markum sitting in his room and dispatch of him. Sir Gaib tells his guards to spread the word through the town of his return, and to hold a celebratory feast tomorrow.

Swashy has another run-in with her curse as the blue-eyed wight finds her alone in the keep’s hallways, though she manages a desperate escape to evade the creature. The party discovers from a set of papers in Captain Simorad’s desk that Quorith is in control of the strange, black creature, called a Bastellus, the party encountered in Lord Markum’s chambers. Quorith is searching for a moongate in the Ben Duragh that can lead to Arvendor, the Plane of Dreams. There she plans to use the Bastellus to freely corrupt the dreams of anyone she wishes and bend them to her will, as she did Lord Markum. Sir Gaib asks the party to venture into the Ben Duragh and stop Quorith. Cham attempts a Remove Curse spell on Swashy, but only succeeds in granting the swashbuckler a cryptic vision that reveals painfully little about how she might defeat the curse that is upon her.

Shady Dealings
Session 8


The party attends Sir Gaib’s celebratory feast, where Cham inspires the audience with a magically aided speech, Swashy pickpockets Duke Jalmeth, and Myx puts on a magical show for the guests. Al’Saleed tells the party the deal for the dragon eggs must happen tomorrow, and the party agrees to accompany him on the way to the Ben Duragh. They arrive at the deal, and the party suspects Al’Saleed never had a deal in place and has simply brought them there to ambush someone else’s arrangement. They find that the dragon eggs are actually wyvern eggs. A fight breaks out with the bugbears, and the party defeats them. Interrogating one of the survivors, they find that the eggs came from a wyvern found in some ruins on the other side of the Ben Duragh, past the northern boundary of the forest. Al’Saleed heads back to town, and the party journeys to the Ben Duragh. Entering the forest, the party comes across a group of dead Heironeous guards that appear to have been killed by wild animals. Venturing further, the party is attacked by vines that come alive and attempt to strangle them, though they manage to escape.

The Ben Duragh
Session 9


While crossing a river, the party is attacked by a giant freshwater octopus. They make it to an open hill with a circle of standing stones at the top around a large tree. Vampire Rose bushes cover the area inside the stones. A giant beetle attacks the party in the middle of the night. In the morning, they are able to see a symbol on the stones, but it is not a crescent moon. Myx and Cham recognize it as a ‘tree of life’, whose magical fruit has healing properties. Barlongren climbs up one of the stones and retrieves some fruit from the tree.

The party heads south towards a lake with a small island in it that they spotted from the hilltop. Arriving at the waters, they find their reflection in the lake is an old, elderly version of themselves, and they guess the lake’s waters will severely age those who enter. They camp by the lake, and a pair of ankhegs attacks them in the middle of the night. The next day, Cham casts Water Walk on Barlongren and he heads towards the island, but a giant eagle attacks him out on the water. Cham casts Water Walk on himself to come to Barlongren’s aid, but Swashy jumps on the cleric’s back, fearing the blue-eyed wight will come for her if Cham leaves her side. The eagle picks Barlongren up into the air and drops him in an attempt to kill him, but his Ring of Feather Falling effortlessly saves him, and the party finishes off the eagle.

Barlongren finds a symbol on the standing stones on the island, though it is not a crescent moon. He meets an old gnome who inhabits the island and claims to be the brother of Squim, the very human alchemist in Crow’s Point. The gnome says Crow’s Point is in danger, as the town has angered the local druid. The gnome provides Barlongren with a catalog of some of the symbols he found on druidic sites in the area. None are the crescent moon symbol, though Cham recognizes one as being the symbol for a different moongate. The gnome says the site is in the mountains to the north, and the party begins heading that way. They walk into a trap set by a tribe of wood imps, who launch a seemingly limitless number of poisoned javelins at the party. The poison knocks out numerous party members, but through a miraculous turn of luck, Swashy somehow survives long enough to cut down the last of the wood imps. With the rest of the party unconscious from the poison, Swashy is left standing alone in the forest.

The Eyes of Gam’Sheth
Session 10


Swashy finally defeats the curse on her, as she battles the wight and shatters its blue amethyst eyes with her sabre. The wight leaves behind a powerful set of magical crystal eyes, the Eyes of Gam’sheth, which Swashy begrudgingly lets the party take. The party battles a basilisk, and Swashy and Barlongren are turned to stone. Fortunately, Myx and Cham are able to rescue their friends using the waters of a magical fountain. The group is then charmed by nymphs, though they meet Elandra, a nymph they had previously saved from the dungeons in Crow’s Point, who sets them free. Elandra tells the party that Uundarl, supposedly the oldest and wisest creature in the Ben Duragh, may help them find the crescent moon druidic site. Uundarl can be found in a bog to the northeast.

With the nymphs, the party meets one of Lady Gwillivin’s guardsmen who says Gwillivin was captured by a tribe of ogres. The party heads towards the ogre’s encampment and encounters a grig along the way. The tiny half-man, half-cricket plays a fiddle whose music charms Barlongren into dancing just before the party is attacked by two giant constrictor snakes. The party manages to defeat the snakes and the grig, and eventually they reach the tribe of ogres, which they also soundly defeat in battle. They rescue Lady Gwillivin, but, unfortunately, she does not know where the moongate to the Plane of Dreams is. Though, she does have the mandrake root needed to travel through it.


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