Myx Tiegan

A female High Elf mage who loves dragons and fears spiders


Backstory in a nutshell: Myx lived in a small village with some elves, dwarves, and humans – mostly humans. Myx’s best friend was in love with her when they were young and Myx didn’t love him, so she basically blew him off.
Seven years later their home is attacked by giant spiders. Myx watches as her home is destroyed and her friends and father killed. She tries to fight off the spiders to no avail, then discovers that a strange white-haired stranger is fighting them off. When he is overcome, he flees, and shortly after a huge silver dragon lands and kills the spiders before leaving. When it does, the man returns and introduces himself as Entriax. He helps Myx and let her stay in the once-dragon-lair that he had made his home. One day Myx expresses her desire to find out if there are any cities nearby, so Entriax sets out for two weeks and searches around. Upon his return, his news are grave: the nearest town, called Greintel, has been taken over by a powerful necromancer who is searching for a way to live a thousand years. Myx is horrified as she recalls her childhood friend had a similar goal. Entriax promises to return to the town and report back with details. For six years, he makes the trek – then he returns one day badly injured. In alarm, Myx helps him out, and he tells her that the necromancer’s undead attacked him when he was unprepared.
Once he’s resting, Myx makes up her mind to visit the town herself. On her way, she meets a group of adventurers who are heading to the town in an attempt to stop the necromancer, and decides to join up with them. When they reach the city after a brief stretch of invisibility to avoid the undead, the group is accosted by a man attempting to get them to leave. A skeleton overhears him and, after killing him, looks the party over. At this point it’s clear that the necromancer is looking through the skeleton’s eyes. When it looks at Myx, it recognizes her and takes her prisoner. For the next two weeks she is the prisoner of her friend as he interrogates her about how she survived, if anyone helped her, etc. She has the luck to escape with a Fireball just as her party is trying to break in and rescue her, and Myx has the privilege of watching the skeleton of a young adult red dragon kill everyone in the party except herself and a young man who is new to adventuring. Then a silver dragon swoops down and attacks the red dragon and defeats it, then turns to Myx and introduces himself as Entriax. The young man is returned to his home with part of the dragon’s hoard.
Several more years pass, more comfortably now because Entriax has no need to hide anything from Myx and can tell her all she wants to know about dragon culture and the world she hasn’t seen. As the time goes by, Myx realizes that she is falling in love with Entriax – the best person to love, as he will live as long as if not longer than her. When she finally gathers the courage to tell him, he says he’s felt that way since he first laid eyes on her – sixty-two years ago when she turned thirteen. Over a few more years, the Elven Bond is formed between them. Then her once-friend comes to the cave, pleading for help. He’s lost all his power, he says, and he wants to reform. Though Myx is skeptical, Entriax points out that he’s strong enough to protect her even if her ‘friend’ is lying, and Myx figures that she can just avoid him. For a while things are peaceful, and her old friend seems truly reformed.
One day, though, Entriax says he needs to run an errand – dragon business, he tells her, things she’d never comprehend – and leaves her with her friend. The day after he’s gone, Myx wakes up to find that he has gotten himself stuck in the hoard room. She manages to get the piles of gold out of the way and releases him, but when she turns around the doorway is blocked. Looking back at her friend, Myx sees that he has a dark, angry expression. He tells her why he came, knowing she can’t escape, and ties her up to leave her in the treasure room. Myx is utterly at his mercy, though he has no mercy to spare, and he decides that starvation is the best method to torture her. For almost a month, Myx is kept in the treasure room with minimal water and no food. She doesn’t understand why Entriax hasn’t returned when all of a sudden, the floodgates break open in the dragon’s mind and she senses everything. He is working with Iandros – has been ever since the day he came home injured by the undead army. He had no other choice. She also senses that he does love her, and feels incredibly guilty, but she knows now that there is no hope for her. No one is coming to save her. For a long time, Myx ponders this. Then, in a fit of wrath, she seeks out the mental link to Entriax and destroys it.
It is a horrible shock to her, the sudden stillness and loneliness after twenty years of having Entriax beside her spiritually if not physically at all times, and Myx becomes even more emaciated much to the surprise of her ‘friend.’ Fearing that she’ll die too quickly for him to exact revenge, he begins to feed her again. When he does, Myx hardens her mind and tries to regain some strength. She knows that there is no way she could possibly remember her powerful spells – she’d have to use first level if anything, and she has no time to get her spellbook. Years of studying must be left behind. She finds a weapon with a fiery enchantment in the pile of gold and saws through her binds with it. The ropes sizzle and eventually catch fire, and Myx uses them to set the wardrobe blocking the door alight. It’s a long and slow process, burning even a small part of it away, but there’s nothing else she can do except starve. When there is a hole big enough for her, she slips through and flees, taking nothing – no clothes, no gold, no weapons, and no spellbook. The one thing she does snatch on a whim is on the table near the cave’s entrance – a map of the world.
As weak as she looks, Myx spends some time as a beggar until she has enough coin to buy food. She lands a job at the local inn thanks to a kindly innkeeper. Finally, with a good amount of money, a few daggers, and basic spell components as well as a new spellbook (1st level spells only, though), Myx hires a carriage and travels from her home region to the Southern Kingdom, stopping in a small town called Crow’s Point. There, after doing a few small jobs, she lands a decent job with good pay – bringing some silk to a clan of duergar in the nearby mountains. With her are three others.

This looks like a long story, but the full backstory is currently 43 pages long and Myx hasn’t even formed the Elven Bond with Entriax yet.

Myx Tiegan

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